18 Jan 2013

Driving Insurance

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As insurance companies change their premiums for male and female drivers (they are no longer allowed to take into account gender when calculating risk). Young drivers still strive to find lower premiums!

Young Marmalade; an insurance company specialising in insuring young and novice drivers has been pioneering telematics technology for it’s young driver scheme.

Although statistics show young drivers are liable to have more accidents than older drivers as a percentage of all accidents. 80% of all young drivers do not have an accident in a 12 month period.

The system uses cell phone technology and tracks GPS co-ordinates. The software tracks the “ABC” s of a journey; that’s acceleration, braking and cornering. The GPS data can be correlated with Google maps so certain incidents in the car can be mapped to real localities of where they happened.

Out of a fleet of 500 young drivers 97% of them are rated as low risk by the system allowing realistic premiums to be offered to careful drivers.

To contact Young Marmalade; who are the young driver specialists with their combined car purchase and insurance scheme:


For learner drivers looking for low cost insurance to practise in a family or friends car without affecting the car owners insurance;
why not try provisional Marmalade.