Mark is a fully qualified driving instructor (ADI) and has taught hundreds of people of all ages to drive in Bristol; working for the two national driving schools before starting up his own school; Apollo Driving School Bristol; after a career in Export Sales Management.

Ensuring students are taught up-to-date methods and are conversant with all the latest traffic laws; relating for example, to Bristol’s bus lanes and being able to cope safely with motorists and cyclists; especially with the exponential growth in cycling Bristol is promoting. With an undertaking in partnership with the DVSA, Mark is committed, on a voluntary basis to CPD (continuous professional development).

Mark has taken further courses to train potential taxi drivers. Enabling students to take and pass the relevant taxi test; namely for Bristol City Council; South Gloucestershire; North Somerset and B.A.N.E.S.

driving instructor bristol

Mark is a member of both the DIA (Driving Instructors Association) and the MSA
(Motor Schools Association), which conduct courses for driving instructors from time to time.

Recently Mark has attended several of the MSA’s and DIA’s training days and AGM. The last one; organised by the DIA on Motorway driving for learners and training weekend in May 2018

For learners, Mark has taken further instructor training (three days in the last 12 months). In addition Mark has taken and passed the DIA’s Elite driving test, (1st February 2018). One of the most stringent driving tests offered in the UK. So you can be sure he knows the standards needed to pass the UK driving test.

Be assured Apollo Driving School is up to date on what is necessary to pass the UK’s driving tests. We take pupil’s to all the Bristol’s Test Centres; Southmead Bristol; Avonmouth Bristol; Brislington, Bristol and the MPTC at Siston, Station Road. (Kingswood), Bristol.

Mark started his career in medical sales working in the pharmaceutical industry, driving some 50,000 miles per year before moving on eventually to selling medical equipment to over 70 countries. From eleven lane highways in Houston TX, driving the 401 into Toronto from the east! Driving  across the Sahara Desert  through Algeria. Crossing the green line in Beirut, Lebanon. Trying to avoid Cane Toads on the Bruce Highway in Queensland. To ice driving in Mora, Sweden. Mark has the experience to keep you on the straight and narrow!

As well as the UK, Mark has lived in France, Switzerland and Algeria and worked in the USA, across 33 states and has driven in many different countries. He has always had an interest in advanced driving and has a wealth of experience of how to drive on today’s busy roads, driving and teaching typically over 100 miles a day in Bristol and what to expect elsewhere on the roads around the world.

As a parent of twins! (He taught them both to drive and then pass their tests on the same day with the same examiner, when they were 17!) and a career of meeting people, Mark has truly developed his “communication and people skills” both in listening, mentoring and guidance. You will find Mark’s friendly, easy going attitude a calming influence in the car. Whilst at the same time insisting on attention to detail in getting things right!